the opportunities

ProFormance Capital has been built with the long view in mind, and core to this belief is the need for long term relationships built on cooperation and trust.

Whether a professional, client, partner, investment, or investor, ProFormance seeks to work with those who want to be a part of a team effort to build long term value and viability.


ProFormance Capital is recruiting motivated individuals that are seeking to grow professionally.

Regional Vice President
Managing Directors
Field Representatives

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working partners

ProFormance is looking for working partners to open additional offices to represents its products and services in local markets. This is a great opportunity for financial services professionals such as investment bankers, CPAs, attorneys, business brokers and management consultants. A working partner relationship with ProFormance can be operated in conjunction with an existing practice.

business opportunity

ProFormance is actively seeking and open to new opportunities for its investments.

Strategic partnerships
Distribution channels

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